While Atlanta trio Nix the Scientist generally lean towards the proggier side of rock music, their debut single is more of a classic in-your-face number heavy on driving guitars and anthemic hooks. Consisting of Christian Gerner-Smidt (guitar, vocals), Jack Reed (bass, vocals), and Alex Morrison (drums, backup vocals), the group brings together members of established Atlanta acts ZALE and the Pussywillows. Their first record Liftoff is scheduled for release sometime this spring.

Opening with a thick distorted bass riff, “Flux” quickly escalates into an earnest, fist-pumping stomper. Combining dexterous grooves with arena-sized melodies, the song seeks out the epic grandeur of Muse without resorting to their shameless excess. In other words, it’s a big, relentlessly catchy track that doesn’t deem to take itself too seriously. It’s why, just as the threesome are storming out of a mega-watt chorus, they can pivot into a bridge that alludes to, of all things, the movie Back to the Future. It’s a quirky move, and a bit silly, but that’s part of the point. After all, what’s the use of of ardently pursuing rock and roll if you aren’t going to have a little fun along the way? — Avery Shepherd, Immersive Atlanta