Formed in 2019, Nix the Scientist is a progressive rock band consisting of Christian Gerner-Smidt (guitar, vocals), Jack Reed (bass, keys, vocals), and Alex Morrison (drums, vocals). Each member of the trio has more than a decade of stage experience, having performed in groups including ZALE, Venice Overdrive, and alongside figures like Wesley Cook, Moses Mo of Mother’s Finest, and Hannah Thomas. Based in Atlanta, by way of Athens, the group is distinguished by their meticulous attention to textural sonic detail, inventive use of guitar effects and signal processing, and the overall expansive sound design. The trio released two EPs, Liftoff and Notions, in 2020 along with the singles “Delorean Sunset” and “Dark Passenger” in 2021. Their latest EP “Chosen I” was released on September 30th, 2022.

Christian Gerner-Smidt is a Danish-American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, Christian moved to Atlanta in 2004, the same year his parents bought him his first guitar. After playing in several bands throughout high school, Gerner-Smidt formed his first professional band, Boomfox, in 2011. Based in Athens, GA, the group met while attending the University of Georgia, where he received a bachelor’s in microbiology and master’s in biomanufacturing and bioprocessing. In 2014, Gerner-Smidt began performing with Athens-based alt-rock outfit Venice Overdrive. Venice Overdrive self-released two EP’s, Stuck on the Outside (2014) and Voyagers (2015). From 2015-2020, he played in bands throughout Atlanta and Athens. When Gerner-Smidt isn’t playing music, he works for a bioscience company.

Alex Morrison is a singer, drummer, pianist, and gear connoisseur. He began singing and playing piano in 1996 and first picked up a drum stick in 2000. Morrison has performed and recorded with Wesley Cook, Hannah Thomas, and Bear Calvary. He’s performed at various music festivals including 30A Songwriters Festival in South Florida, Wire and Wood Festival, and Bragg Jam. Currently, he plays drums in Cooper Carter and the Royal Senders and Nix the Scientist. He’s learned music from various educators including the Courtney Family Institution of Music, Eric Sanders, Liberty DeVitto, and Brady Blade. Morrison has a well-rounded sense for music, with experience in playing drum set, auxiliary percussion, guitar, bass, piano, vocals, and more.

Jack Reed is a multi-instrumentalist and classically-trained vocalist from Rome, GA. Both of his parents are musicians—his mother earned a degree in classical organ/music education and his father played in pop bands throughout the ’90s. In the latter half of high school, Reed performed in several different musical productions, as well as choir, marching band, concert band, and jazz band, where he first began playing the bass. During his studies at the University of Georgia, Reed traveled to Europe with the Hodgson Singers, where they took home first place in the Ave Verum International Choral Competition. After studying with Gregory Broughton, Ph.D., and graduating from UGA in 2015 with a bachelor’s in music education, he moved to Atlanta to be closer to its thriving music scene. When he’s not playing bass for Nix the Scientist, he teaches private music lessons out of Pedal Point Music. Throughout his career as a performer, he has played alongside acts including James McCartney, Moses Mo of Mother’s Finest, and Beats Antique, has played bass on multiple recorded albums, and has self-released an EP titled, The Backroom Ep (2018), which he wrote, performed, and mixed in its entirety.