Band Members

Guitar / Vocals

Christian Gerner-Smidt

Born and raised in a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, Christian Gerner-Smidt moved to Atlanta in 2004, the same year he received his first guitar. He has more than a decade of stage experience, having played in several bands across Atlanta and Athens. When Gerner-Smidt isn’t playing music, he works as a scientist at a biotech startup in Athens, GA.
Bass / Vocals

Jack Reed

Jack Reed is a multi-instrumentalist and classically-trained vocalist from Rome, GA. A product of two musical parents, Reed graduated with a bachelor's in music education from the University of Georgia in 2015. When he's not playing bass for one of the many bands he works with, he teaches private music lessons out of Pedal Point Music.

Alex Morrison

Alex Morrison is a singer, drummer, pianist, and gear connoisseur. He began singing and playing piano in 1996 and first picked up a drum stick in 2000. He has a well-rounded sense for music, with experience in playing drum set, percussion, guitar, vocals, and more. When Morrison's not playing music, he's dabbling with video production.

"Flux" Quarantine Live Session

In this video, Nix the Scientist performs a raging "Flux." from the comfort of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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